Anna Matysiak

“I work as physiotherapist specializing in the therapy of babies, especially premature babies, so the matter of hygiene and sterility are highly important. I’m obliged to sterilize my hands and put on gloves a dozen times a day. As a worker of a medical research facility, the Teaching Hospital in Warsaw, due to concern for the safety of our smallest patients, I’m obliged to take special care of my hands: short fingernails, without any nail polish or conditioner. Constant washing, drying and disinfecting hands during the day excessively dries my skin. The use of medical gloves is also not without significance. I have tested many hand creams over the last years. Some of them, especially the ones in the form of an ointment, were oily and absorbed slowly, which disturbed my work at the neonatal pathology or infant rehabilitation units; additionally, their scents were too intensive. Since I started using the PATCHOULI&LEMON hand cream of MELLI Care, the condition of my hand skin has significantly improved. It is wonderfully hydrated, soothed, soft and velvety to the touch; its scent is gentle which makes me wait impatiently for the next moment of care.”

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