Justyna Ziembińska-Uzar

“I’m one of those people who struggle with various minor or major skin problems on regular basis: dryness of epidermis, irritation, skin flaking. When I was still at school, I was diagnosed with AD, which was then treated mostly symptomatically with steroids or pharmacy emollients which are popular until now and which often contain detergents, parabens, preservatives or mineral oils –nothing good for an atopy-prone skin. Over the last years, I have tried many hand creams to find the one that would bring a long-lasting, not temporary, relief; one that would long-lastingly hydrate my skin and stop it from flaking. I have reached for various creams – cheaper and more expensive, from pharmacies and drugstores – but none of them fully met my expectations. The only cream that managed to do this was the somewhat inconspicuous natural hand cream of the Polish MELLI Care brand which I first met at the beginning of April during Wolny Targ [the Free Fair] in Poznań. It is definitely the best hand cream I have used so far and I really regret it wasn’t created years ago. The cream hydrates hand skin for a long time and soothes irritation. Even a small amount of the cream “works” on the skin for a few hours – and you can really feel it! It absorbs immediately and has a thick consistency – exactly the one I really like. It is also distinguished by an interesting, refreshing citrus scent due to lemon oil and patchouli. The condition of my skin is surely influenced by Hashimoto’s disease and hypothyroidism which I wasn’t diagnosed with until I was at the university, although there are indications that”

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