Renata Zielezinska

"I must admit that these products really work. My very dry skin, found relief in these products. Foot cream perfectly moisturizes and improves their condition. Scrub, thanks to its ingredients, makes my skin much smoother and more flexible. Through the regular use of MELLIcare cosmetics, I managed to regenerate my heavily damaged skin to a large extent. The great advantage of MALLIcare products is that they are made for people with diabetes who have a very dry and demanding skin care. My grandmother suffered from this disease, and I know how hard it is to find cosmetics that moisturize the skin, even the most problematic skin. Peeling: Plus:
  • it removes the epidermis very well
  • dense
  • convenient packaging
  • smells beautiful
  • great composition
  • does not irritate
  • helps with ingrown hairs
  • efficient
  • I did not notice".

Editor-in-chief of the Trusted Cosmetics portal

Justyna Ziembińska-Uzar

“I’m one of those people who struggle with various minor or major skin problems on regular basis: dryness of epidermis, irritation, skin flaking. When I was still at school, I was diagnosed with AD, which was then treated mostly symptomatically with steroids or pharmacy emollients which are popular until now and which often contain detergents, parabens, preservatives or mineral oils –nothing good for an atopy-prone skin. Over the last years, I have tried many hand creams to find the one that would bring a long-lasting, not temporary, relief; one that would long-lastingly hydrate my skin and stop it from flaking. I have reached for various creams – cheaper and more expensive, from pharmacies and drugstores – but none of them fully met my expectations. The only cream that managed to do this was the somewhat inconspicuous natural hand cream of the Polish MELLI Care brand which I first met at the beginning of April during Wolny Targ [the Free Fair] in Poznań. It is definitely the best hand cream I have used so far and I really regret it wasn’t created years ago. The cream hydrates hand skin for a long time and soothes irritation. Even a small amount of the cream “works” on the skin for a few hours – and you can really feel it! It absorbs immediately and has a thick consistency – exactly the one I really like. It is also distinguished by an interesting, refreshing citrus scent due to lemon oil and patchouli. The condition of my skin is surely influenced by Hashimoto's disease and hypothyroidism which I wasn’t diagnosed with until I was at the university, although there are indications that"

author of the I Buy Polish Products blog.

Magda Powierża

„“I’m an owner of the Bluebell garden designing company and my hands are exposed to irritation practically every day. Abrasions, contact with water and fertilizers, exposure to excessive sun and wind, frequent washing with detergents – all this makes it necessary for me to take special care of my hand skin. I’m practically addicted to hand creams and (believe me) I think I have tried them all. With a clear conscience I can recommend you MELLI Care PATCHOULI&LEMON – it wonderfully regenerates, hydrates, relieves irritation and is gentle for the skin at the same time. I also find its natural, not genetically modified ingredients a great advantage. It smells so beautifully that using it is pure pleasure. I recommend it not only to gardeners!;)”

Anna Matysiak

“I work as physiotherapist specializing in the therapy of babies, especially premature babies, so the matter of hygiene and sterility are highly important. I’m obliged to sterilize my hands and put on gloves a dozen times a day. As a worker of a medical research facility, the Teaching Hospital in Warsaw, due to concern for the safety of our smallest patients, I’m obliged to take special care of my hands: short fingernails, without any nail polish or conditioner. Constant washing, drying and disinfecting hands during the day excessively dries my skin. The use of medical gloves is also not without significance. I have tested many hand creams over the last years. Some of them, especially the ones in the form of an ointment, were oily and absorbed slowly, which disturbed my work at the neonatal pathology or infant rehabilitation units; additionally, their scents were too intensive. Since I started using the PATCHOULI&LEMON hand cream of MELLI Care, the condition of my hand skin has significantly improved. It is wonderfully hydrated, soothed, soft and velvety to the touch; its scent is gentle which makes me wait impatiently for the next moment of care.”

Portal „Mamy zdanie”

"Cosmetics for special tasks. Peeling is best used twice a week on wet skin. Thanks to its unique combination of abrasive sugar with salt and natural, nourishing plant oils from almonds, soy, macadamia nuts and avocado, it restores skin's balance and makes us treat ourselves to a real SPA treatment in our own bathroom. Another product is an easily absorbed foot care cream with 10% urea content. Thanks to the content of vitamin E, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels, allantoin, which reduces irritation of the epidermis and strongly moisturizing glycerin, the cream is an irreplaceable cosmetic in the daily care of the skin of the feet. Perfectly moisturizes creating on the skin surface a non-greasy, nourishing protective layer. The third cosmetic included in the series is a nourishing and soothing hand cream ideal for very tired and dry skin of the hands. Thanks to ingredients such as shea butter, allantoin, marigold extract, urea or glycerin, the cream renews, moisturizes, softens, brightens, soothes and soothes irritations of the hands and the ingredients contained in the recipe quickly absorb and leave no greasy film effect "  

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Dominika Musiałowska

"I use it, my mother uses it, I use my friends and everyone agrees with one: when it comes to MELLICare definitely, I also recommend dry dry elbows and knees. Dry heels and edges, Zrael creams and peeling works great for them.To wash you should use a hand cream or a cream to say. (Personally, I recommend to the film;) And ten smell!), So after emptying and using .  
Founder of the Immunoodporność foundation

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Agnieszka Zielińska

“Melli Care, which, in principle, doesn’t have body care but hand and foot care products, is my recent discovery. However, the 300 ml hand cream seems to be asking for an additional use – and so I found one: it’s good for a whole body use 🙂 A perfect composition, perfectly selected ingredients, perfectly absorbing products. It works perfectly on my dry (I forget to wear gloves) and cat-scratched hands.”

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Ania Jagodzińska

“I love not only peeling but all products of the brand. They are fully natural, almost unimaginably pleasant” – a comment for In Style


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