foot cream 50ml + hand cream 50ml

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A set of 2 creams (2 x 50ml).

Sensual patchouli breaks with lime or energetic pomegranate enriched with lychee. You can use them as intended – for dry skin on the hands and feet or the MELI care fan brand – for the whole body. Based on the oils: macadamia, avocado, almond and butter, shea perfectly take care of the skin, which will return a healthy and beautiful look.


Comprehensive dry skin care thanks to two creams in tubes. Natural creams, recommended primarily for damaged, dry, often cracking hands and feet, can also be successfully applied to the whole body. Depending on your needs and mood, you can reach for one or the other. Sweet-smelling pomegranate and lychee, containing as much as 20% urea, or the heat enveloped with 10% urea, but with the addition of a skin-soothing marigold extract and slightly oriental fragrance with patchouli and lemon? Here you can read more details about the products in this set:
A nourishing and soothing hand cream containing certified shea butter, known for its softening, soothing and protective properties. The shea butter originating from the fruits of the trees contains fatty substances and valuable vitamins A, E and F, as well as natural filters protecting against UVB radiation. Glycerin is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastyl fibers. The cream soothes the irritated skin of the hands. Thanks to the almond and avocado oils contained in it, the skin regenerates quickly. Urea strongly moisturizes it, and allantoin and marigold petal extract – soothe irritations, nourishing rough, cracked and damaged skin. The cream also creates a protective film, protecting against unfavorable factors such as: wind, frost, detergents.

A softening and moisturizing foot care cream with 10% urea, which strongly moisturizes the skin and keratolytically works. Certified shea butter called karite, which means “life” is highly valued for its softening, soothing and protective properties. It contains vitamin E, which strengthens the walls of blood vessels. Allantoin reduces irritation of the epidermis, and glycerin strongly moisturizes. Contained in the cream sweet almond oil is rich in fatty acids, proteins and minerals. Avocado oil activates natural regeneration processes of the epidermis. After using the cream, the skin of the feet is soft, smooth, perfectly moisturized.


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