scrub 330g + hand cream 300ml

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A set of two cosmetics that will complement your action and allow you to feel the magic of citrus. Smoothing orange and coconut salt-sugar scrub effectively peels off the skin of chapped or damaged hand detergents. Leave an occlusive layer on them. After the nourishing and soothing hand cream, it will wonderfully soften the skin of the hands, soothe any irritation and protect it from external factors. Your hands will have a better color, will be groomed, nourished and soothed. The beautiful scent of patchouli with lemon will give you great pleasure for many hours.


Cleansing and relaxing salt-sugar scrub for hands and feet with orange peel particles. It softens and exfoliates the dried skin. Thanks to coconut flakes and grape seed oil, they form a protective occlusive layer on it. Certified shea butter regenerates the skin and prevents its evaporation. The natural vegetable oils contained in the product: almonds, soy, macadamia nuts and certified avocado oil restore the skin’s water-fat balance, thanks to which it becomes smooth, elastic and clearly improves its color.

A nourishing and soothing hand cream containing certified shea butter, known for its softening, soothing and protective properties. The shea butter originating from the fruits of the trees contains fatty substances and valuable vitamins A, E and F, as well as natural filters protecting against UVB radiation. Glycerin is responsible for the synthesis of collagen and elastyl fibers. The cream soothes the irritated skin of the hands. Thanks to the almond and avocado oils contained in it, the skin regenerates quickly. Urea strongly moisturizes it, and allantoin and marigold petal extract – soothe irritations, nourishing rough, cracked and damaged skin. The cream also creates a protective film, protecting against unfavorable factors such as: wind, frost, detergents


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