Renata Zielezinska

“I must admit that these products really work. My very dry skin, found relief in these products. Foot cream perfectly moisturizes and improves their condition. Scrub, thanks to its ingredients, makes my skin much smoother and more flexible. Through the regular use of MELLIcare cosmetics, I managed to regenerate my heavily damaged skin to a large extent. The great advantage of MALLIcare products is that they are made for people with diabetes who have a very dry and demanding skin care. My grandmother suffered from this disease, and I know how hard it is to find cosmetics that moisturize the skin, even the most problematic skin.



  • it removes the epidermis very well
  • dense
  • convenient packaging
  • smells beautiful
  • great composition
  • does not irritate
  • helps with ingrown hairs
  • efficient


  • I did not notice”.


Editor-in-chief of the Trusted Cosmetics portal

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